SOFTSWISS Broadens Its Reach in South Africa with New Certifications

SOFTSWISS Broadens Its Reach in South Africa with New Certifications
SOFTSWISS Broadens Its Reach in South Africa with New Certifications

SOFTSWISS, a prominent software supplier for the iGaming industry, announces its successful certification in South Africa. The company has secured a Letter of Certification (LoC) from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) for its Casino Platform and Sportsbook, now certified under the South African B2B manufacture licence.

This licence was initially obtained by Turfsport, a seasoned South African software supplier with 35 years of industry experience. Earlier this year, SOFTSWISS strategically acquired a major stake in Turfsport, aligning their product portfolios. With this certification, SOFTSWISS expands its offerings in the burgeoning South African market.

Vitali Matsukevich, Chief Operating Officer at SOFTSWISS, comments:

“South Africa will be one of the key markets for SOFTSWISS in the coming years. It has immense potential, driven by increasing internet penetration, lower mobile internet costs, and affordable mobile devices. Additionally, the local audience shows a strong interest in gambling, which further supports our decision to expand here.”

According to the InfoQuest survey, sports betting is the most common form of gambling in South Africa, with people placing bets on sports about 12 times a month on average. Casino gambling and horse betting are most popular on weekends, while lottery and online betting happen throughout the week because they are easily accessible online. The survey also reveals that the average gambler engages in three different types of gambling multiple times a month, underscoring the significant role of gambling in South African society.

The recently published SOFTSWISS South African market review highlights a growing interest in esports and fantasy sports, particularly among younger, tech-savvy demographics. Statista reports that 51% of South African survey participants are interested in esports betting, while the National Gambling Board (NGB) notes that 39% are inclined towards fantasy sports betting, especially in popular sports like soccer, cricket, and rugby. These trends align with global patterns and suggest a promising future for these sectors in the region.

The comprehensive SOFTSWISS South African market review is available for free and offers valuable insights into these emerging trends.

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