iGaming Platform Migration Key Learnings For Strategic Boost

iGaming Platform Migration Key Learnings For Strategic Boost
iGaming Platform Migration Key Learnings For Strategic Boost

SOFTSWISS, an iGaming global software provider with 15 years of experience, shares its key takeaways from several migration cases. These insights are intended to assist operators in navigating the intricacies of strategic migration decisions.

One of the primary drivers behind software migration, as revealed in SOFTSWISS' experience, is the strategic constraints posed by the initial platform choice. Particularly in emerging markets such as Brazil, local operators may encounter prolonged downtime scenarios, leading to the erosion of player loyalty, increased churn rates, and revenue stream disruptions.

Vitali Matsukevich, COO at SOFTSWISS, shares:

“Another common challenge reported by operators is the subpar quality of services offered by software suppliers. In such instances, migrating to alternative software emerges as one of the most effective solutions. However, this transition comes with its own set of challenges that operators must be prepared to address.”

Pre-Testing for High Traffic Volumes

One of the most pressing challenges is the requirement for thorough pre-testing of the new platform. Unlike new projects that undergo a gradual increase in user traffic, migrated casinos often encounter an immediate surge in traffic. This sudden influx can strain the infrastructure, underscoring the importance of rigorously testing the platform's capacity and performance under simulated peak conditions. 

Vitali Matsukevich comments:

“Pre-testing is essential to ensure that the platform remains stable and performs optimally when live, thereby preventing potential service disruptions that could affect player retention and trust. In a recent migration of over 1 million players, initiated preparations one month before launch, ensuring a smooth transition and mitigating any technical issues related to high traffic volumes.”

Adapting Game Mechanics and Features

Adapting game mechanics and bonus structures from the previous platform presents another challenge. Differences in technical capabilities between old and new systems may affect how certain features are implemented. Operators must assess which features are crucial for quality user experience and determine their impact on the project's overall performance. Often, replicating similar functionalities in the new system becomes imperative for a seamless user transition, thereby sustaining engagement and satisfaction.

Legal and Compliance Issues in Data Migration

The migration process also involves handling user data delicately, which brings up significant legal considerations. Operators must secure consent from users for transferring their data to the new platform. Ensuring compliance with data protection laws is crucial to avoid legal repercussions and to maintain user trust. Transparent communication about how user data will be handled during the migration is necessary to minimise opt-outs and user churn, which can undermine the platform's user base stability.

"Our goal is always to align more closely with our clients' needs and expectations," adds Vitali Matsukevich. "The migration is not just about changing platforms; it’s about providing a robust foundation that supports growth, enhances user satisfaction, and maintains continuity in player experience."

SOFTSWISS has recently seamlessly transitioned a major operator, with a player base exceeding one million, to its platforms. This comprehensive migration included the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform and the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. Through meticulous preparation and a thoroughly tested methodology addressing technical, business, and user aspects, the entire platform transition was smoothly executed within a mere five hours.

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